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A Word about English Tea Rooms & Gypsy's

This is Afternoon Tea, 1912 by Charles Bittinger Since the 1700's the English have made the tradition of serving tea a primary stage for welcoming visitors, for holding official meetings and for celebrating important occasions. Afternoon tea was introduced as an English practice by the Duchess of Bedford in the early 19th century. At first, the Duchess ordered her servants to supply her with a pot of tea and cakes in order to stave off any hunger before the late dinners. Eventually she began to invite special friends to Belvoir Castle to partake in her daily ritual of an afternoon light meal. Her menu included cakes, assorted sweets, sandwiches and of course, tea. Afternoon tea (unlike high tea) was created for and observed by the wealthy. Soon the idea spread throughout English society. Tea rooms, tea gardens and tea parties flourished.

Thomas Twining, however, is credited with the first known tea room in 1706. The building still stands at 216 Strand, London. An increase in travel in the Edwardian period led to the creation of more commercial venues. Luxury hotels (The Ritz being one of the most famous), and high-end stores such as Fortnum and Mason added tea lounges for their patrons. There is a long tradition of tea rooms within London hotels.

Operating in accordance with English traditions, Gypsy's Tea Room provides the tea
patron with an intimate setting, paying special attention to the formal English table, menus, standards and style of service.

Housed in the William Winchester House in Westminster, (circa 1760), the location and charm of the original building authenticates and enhances your tea experience at Gypsy's. Menus are primarily based on traditional recipes. All aspects of the tea cuisine are freshly prepared on the day of your visit.

Because we prepare new menus daily with fresh ingredients, this will impact
the way and what we serve. Patrons should alert staff prior to the visit for
any severe dietary issues. Some dietary restrictions can be accommodated
but not every wish to rearrange the menu is feasible.

In our attempts to continue to maintain quality experiences for everyone
we request that our patrons kindly refrain from using cell phones.

"DO enjoy your tea, my lords and my ladies!"



Our Mission

Gypsy's is an English style tearoom designed to provide our customers with periods of respite while dining on freshly prepared foods of the highest quality accompanied by a wide variety of fine teas. Our long standing mission is to differentiate ourselves by offering exceptional tea service in a friendly atmosphere with the utmost attention to customer satisfaction and comfort and to be distinguished among the most innovative and progressive tearooms in the state.


Commitment to the Envirnoment

Gypsy's is committed to doing our part for bettering the environment by using green practices such as:

  • Offering our guests a wide variety of organic and fair trade teas
  • Serving organically grown vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers from our own gardens
  • Composting our used tea leaves and other food items
  • Recycling all eligible paper, plastic, glass, and metal items


InspirationsGypsy's Inspiration Gift Shop

Inspirations is a retailer of gifts, gift baskets, home accents and gourmet foods. Our long standing mission is to differentiate ourselves by offering exceptional value through sterling customer service and unique merchandise selection that will meet the needs of our customers with discriminating tastes. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our gift baskets and merchandise.


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